Cypress Curb Appeal Residential Services

Our core services are professional pressure and power washing, house washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning.

Residential Services

Often the first impression of a home is the driveway, and if it dirty, it can be the wrong impression! A dark black and dirty driveway and walkway can present a lack of cleanliness and be a significant slip hazard when wet. Quickly and effectively cleaning this type of surface is done using pressure washing. Watch a short video and learn more about how CCAS approaches residential pressure washing in the Houston area here.

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Like the driveway, your house itself can become very dirty as algae and mildew will thrive in our humid climate. The staining and soiling happens over time and generally on the north facing sides first. Many think we power wash house exteriors. Actually, we most often Soft Wash house exteriors. Learn more about Soft Washing here.

You might wonder, “Don’t the windows get cleaned when you pressure wash or soft wash?” First, we never pressure wash windows! Second, yes, they would get cleaned during a soft wash, but we rinse with municipal water from your spigot. If you want them spot-free, a separate process is used to achieve that fantastic, shiny look. Learn more about how we Clean Windows here.

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