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Commercial Services

Your commercial property needs regular maintenance. Unlike your residence, this maintenance can be quite regular. Whether it is window cleaning, parking lot cleaning, building washing, CCAS can help you maintain the curb appeal of your property.

The appearance and surroundings of a commercial site also matter as it is an essential asset to make an impression on the customers. It is getting bombarded by dirt, pollution, pollen, bird droppings, and many other things every day. To keep your business building clean and pleasing, you can count on us. From ensuring the cleaning of your windows, concrete, roof, facades to everything, we strive to deliver the best commercial building washing and cleaning services to enhance your building appearance.

So, what are you waiting for? To avail yourself of premium and professional Commercial power washing services in Houston, contact us now.

Our Approach To Commercial Pressure Washing Services!

End your Commercial power washing services near me search quest with us. With vast years of experience, our skilled and fully-equipped experts provide our clients with the most satisfactory services. Here check out more key features you can consider while using the washing and cleaning services.

  1. Power and Pressure Washing

If you are looking for the best commercial pressure washing near me, Cypress Curb Appeal Commercial Services is all you need. We use the latest technology and methods to make our pressure and power washing services superior and effective. Our experts are skilled and well-qualified to provide hassle-free and effective cleaning services to enhance your business appearance, whether large or small.

Some of the commercial buildings where we offer pressure washing are:

  • Large Building
  • Parking Garages and Parking lots
  • Apartment/Condominium Complexes
  • Retail Centers
  • Warehouses (Interiors/Exteriors)
  • Hotels
  1. Commercial Window Cleaning

Whether you are looking for affordable or the best commercial window cleaning services, you can get both at Cypress Curb Appeal Services. We offer comprehensive window cleaning services to make your building or commercial place look clean and pleasing to the visitors’ eye. We understand that dirty places can be a big turn-off. That’s why to make an impression on your clients and customers, avail yourself of our best services at a cost-effective rate. So, if you are looking for commercial window cleaning in Houston, tx, schedule your appointment now!

  1. Commercial Soft Washing

We use non-toxic detergents and chemicals to clean your areas to make them fresh and pleasing. In our commercial soft washing, you will get experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience washing the area with the right mix of cleaning agents and customized pressure levels.

  1. Customize and Schedule Cleaning

We know everyone looks for flexible services due to hectic schedules. Don’t worry. With us, you can get end-to-end assistance at your peace of mind. We offer customized and flexible services as per your timings and building requirements within your budget. So, to get Commercial power washing services, Houston, contact us now. We are happy to set the schedule that fits your needs or suits you.

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Are you ready to avail yourself of the best and effective Commercial parking lot cleaning and building washing services? If so, contact us now for more details. We also have helpful and friendly customer support through which you can schedule an appointment or clear your queries without any hassle. From Commercial window cleaning Houston to pressure washing, you can get all the essential services as per your requirements.

Remove Window Stains With Commercial Window Cleaning Services

The outer appearance of your business facility is essential in the first impression of you and your business.  In Houston, commercial window cleaning is the best way to enhance and maintain the commercial property’s exterior. Over time, the windows are exposed to many impurities and dirt, making them look dull, and dingy.  Many think they can have an employee wipe them with a cloth using glass cleaner, but you need professional ensure the curb appeal of your windows and be free of smears, smudges and stains.

window cleaning
Different Types of Stains That Damage the Windows Glass

There are multiple types of stains that can affect the exterior window glass on your building?  Hard water stains, rust, dirt, oil from handprints or food preparation, and organic growth can all affect your window cleanliness and clarity.

  1. Hard Water Stains

Often times, this comes from irrigation that is hitting the glass and walls.  It can appear as grayish or white spots and are very stubborn to remove.  These are mineral compounds left over the window after the irrigation water evaporates.  A reputable commercial window cleaner in Houston is able to remove these stains and help recommend changes that will prevent reoccurrence.

  1. Rust

Glass does not rust, however if rusty water is running down the glass the rust can deposit itself on the glass and be very tough to remove,  The rust, will usually affect the frames, and walls too.  Special cleaning agents can be used to remove the rust entirely from these surfaces.

  1. Dirt

By far the most common element that appears on the glass exterior is simply dust and dirt.  After construction or restoration (removal of difficult stains such as rust or hard water), removing the typical dirt and debris is a maintenance type of cleaning that in Houston commercial window cleaners can quickly remove leaving a spot and streak free condition.

  1. Oily residue

If you own a business, 99.99% of the time a glass door is used for the main entry.  Every business owner is aware of the handprints that are left daily on the glass doors.  Less known, but if you own a restaurant, the air inside tends to be a bit oily from the kitchen and that oil over time goes out the door with customers and over time deposits itself on surrounding glass.  

  1. Organic growth

Organic growth such as mildew or algae happens in the humid Houston environment and typically affect north-facing windows first and only if you rarely clean them.  If you hire a commercial window cleaner in Houston to clean your windows regularly, you will never see this happen.

With the help of commercial cleaners, you can keep your building windows clean and clear.  Clean windows are shiny, and precede the first impression after a customer opens the door.  Clean windows are noticed by customers once inside.  Clean windows project the appearance that you value the cleanliness of your facility.  

Cypress Curb Appeal Services offers commercial window cleaning in Houston.  We provide comprehensive exterior cleaning solutions such a pressure washing and soft washing too. 

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