Cypress Curb Appeal Residential Services

Our core services are professional pressure and power washing,
house washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning.
House Washing
House Washing

The outside of your house is the first part of your property everyone encounters upon arrival. Dust and dirt will cover all surfaces to some degree over time. Our Houston climate is perfect for algae and mildew to thrive on any surface, wood, paint, glass, stone, concrete, and masonry, etc.

Cleaning the outside walls of your home involves a soft washing process. This process has adjustable parameters for different situations. For example, that same process is used on painted siding as is used on masonry or stone but the concentration of the cleaning agent is much higher with the masonry and stone.

In some cases, multiple steps are needed. Maybe you have rust from an A/C overflow on your roof or wall. Perhaps you have badly oxidized paint and want to remove the oxidation without repainting. Or, maybe you had a mis-aligned sprinkler head creating efflorescence on your masonry or windows (that stubborn white chalky haze). We can help restore the surfaces with a measured approach.

Your roof can become a hotbed for algae to thrive as well, enabling the black staining to propagate down to driveways and pool decks. Learn more about roof cleaning here.

The last step in house washing is a spot free window cleaning, leaving the windows, screens, and frames, as clean as possible. Learn more here.

We believe in excellence, and that is achieved with an intelligent and experienced approach to cleaning the outside of your home, from the roof to the windows, to the walls. Call us today to see how we can help your property look its best.

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