When to Pressure Wash

Once you have noticed exterior surfaces on your home or business are in need of cleaning, who do you call?  You should consider someone who has a passion, focus, and a wise approach to pressure washer applications.

In many cases, the black bacterial growth is an allergen for most and a slip hazard on walkways, especially when wet.  High pressure hot or cold water is a very efficient way to remove this on flat, durable surfaces such as concrete, brick, etc.

When not to Pressure Wash...

What about stone, stucco, siding, or wood?  These surfaces are fragile.  CCAS employs soft washing techniques, with limited pressure.  Intelligent application of an appropriate bactericide and/or soap designed to mediate the mold/mildew can quickly and gently.  Natural Stone can be irreversibly damaged by repeatedly injecting high pressure water in to the stone and grout.  Special care needs to be taken with Natural Stone.

HOT vs COLD water?  Which is better?  Hot water lowers the surface adhesion of contaminates on surface in question.  It can lessen the need for emulsifying agents to mobilize grease and oil.