Your home is your castle, your place of refuge.  There are considerations to keeping it looking nice and clean.  There are several areas you should consider to maintain your home.

Driveways. This is the first thing people see when they drive up.  Nothing will stop the dirt and debris build up. 









House Exterior.  The staining happens over time.  Don't wait until it is really ugly to clean.  Washing the exterior of your home will keep it looking fresh and crisp.  The method used to properly wash the house depends on the exterior materials. 





Roof.  Often overlooked.  As the algae is left unchecked, the roof becomes covered in a thick, black material.  This weakens asphalt shingles, and looks terrible on any kind of roof.

Windows.  Clean windows present a very shiny clean appearance from the outside and help keep your house looking well kept.  The exterior needs more frequent cleaning than the interior.